Palomar Hills Community is a deed-restricted private neighborhood with “No Soliciting” signs posted at each entrance.  Any solicitor that comes to your door that cannot identify themselves as an authorized vendor, may be asked to leave the area.  If a solicitor becomes unreasonable on that request, you may contact the non-emergency police line at 859-258-3600.

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​No Solicitation Policy

After numerous and continuing complaints, The Board of Directors of Palomar
Hills Homeowners Association voted to enact a No Solicitation Policy. Signs
are posted at both entrances informing everyone who enters Palomar Hills
that they may not solicit or place advertisements throughout our

For residents to have the ability to go door-to-door if they choose (for
example: Girl Scouts, Schools, etc.), they must present their Palomar Hills
Resident Membership ID card at each home they solicit. Also, if a resident
intends to distribute printed flyers, the resident’s name and address MUST
be clearly indicated on the flyer in order to distinguish residents from
unauthorized solicitations.

This policy gives us the best of both worlds – No outside solicitors and the
freedom for ONLY our neighbors to solicit.

Any solicitor who comes to your door and cannot identify themselves by name
and address and present a Palomar Hills Membership ID Card, should be told
to leave the subdivision immediately or the police will be called. A “No
Solicitation Notice” is available that can simply be handed to any solicitor
at your door. The notice is accessible here or can be picked up at
the office. If a solicitor becomes belligerent at any time or fails to
leave, contact the non-emergency police dispatch at (859) 258-3600 immediately.
This policy helps increase the safety and comfort of our neighborhood. If
you have any questions, please contact any board member directly.