Palomar Hills is a deed-restricted community and therefore the purpose of the modification process is to protect the interest of all homeowners by ensuring that permanent changes to any property are in keeping with the character of the neighborhood to enhance and not diminish it’s aesthetic appeal.

Please review the “Modification Guidelines under “Homeowner’s Responsibilities” of the PHCA website before planning or making any changes to the property. Once you have reviewed the guidelines, please make your submissions through the online form. If there are any questions or additional information needed a PHCA representative will follow up to discuss. Approvals/denials are usually given within a three (3) day period.

Please note that pursuant to Lexington Fayette Urban County Government regulations, homeowners must obtain a permit from the Division of Building Inspection before building any structure or moving, adding to, or altering existing structures. A permit also is required for the installation of a swimming pool, construction of a driveway or fence, or major remodeling of a home. We strongly recommend calling the Division of Building Inspections at (859) 258-3770 to determine if a permit is required before beginning any home improvement project.

Palomar Hills residents may submit a new request by clicking “Modifications” 

For more information about the modifications process, please call the office at (859) 223-3740 or email